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LinkedIn Management

Your business is doing great things, but are you telling anyone about it?

LinkedIn, with over 1 billion users, is the platform to share it.

You might think: “nah LinkedIn is too cringe for me”.

That’s probably because you’ve not understood the platform properly (as it is in 2024).

I will sort you out with that!

Before we even consider posting, you will get your LinkedIn profile(s) optimised for success.

You’ll learn about curating your feed, audience, connections and how to use the DMs properly.

Once we get to ‘what to post’, you can feel confident with my “I’ll do it all for you LinkedIn service.”

I specialise in crafting high-quality LinkedIn content that speaks directly to your audience in a voice that is uniquely yours.

With connections to leading LinkedIn experts, I stay on top of algorithm updates and ensure that content is posted correctly for the platform.

With experience writing for various industries and niches, I understand how to write for different audiences.

One thing to know – I still get excited every day sharing content for my clients.

I love delivering engaging, informative, and on-brand content that resonates with your audience.

Partner with me to take your brand’s narrative to the next level.

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Content Writing

Masterful content writing is at the heart of compelling storytelling and effective communication.

It’s a vital tool for engaging your audience and conveying your message with impact.

Whether you’re looking to captivate readers through insightful blogs or create persuasive marketing materials, my expertise gives you engaging content that your audience will love.

You get well-researched, SEO-optimised and grammatically perfect content every time.

My attention to detail ensures that every project is grounded in accuracy and relevance, providing your audience with content that is both trustworthy and engaging.

My writing also extends to press releases and I have had several articles published.

Contact me to learn more about my content writing services.


Media Buying

Successful marketing is all about finding the right audience at the right time.

My media buying services help you maximise impact and reach your goals.

With experience in media buying across print, outdoor advertising, and digital media – I know how to find the best channels and strategies to reach your audience.

Like I do for Finnies the Jeweller, who advertise in the Press & Journal, Evening Express, Trend Magazine, Executive, Lifestyle Moray and other publications across the North East of Scotland.

I can handle all aspects of the media buying and PR process, from negotiating rates to managing creative, writing press releases and messaging.

Contact IAD today to learn more about media buying capabilities.


“Dario is a trusted marketing partner for our business.

His experience is valuable, and we have come a long way quickly with his assistance.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Dario.”

David Crosby – Sales Director at ATS.