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Hey, I’m Dario – the Founder and MD of IAD Marketing.

I founded IAD (I am Dario) Marketing in 2021 to bring businesses success from skills I developed in the corporate world from working over two decades in Client Relations, Operations, Business Development and Marketing.

Fast forward to 2024, and 20+ businesses have benefitted from my LinkedIn management, engaging content, insights and energy to provide marketing services that connect and resonate with target audiences.

From me you get ideas, consistency, creativity, enthusiasm and endorsed high-quality content.

Check out my testimonials to see what differentiates IAD from the competition.

And why your business should work with me.

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“Dario’s expertise and advice were invaluable to the business.

But more importantly, he’s a level-headed individual who’s easy to work with and happy to receive challenges.

I would recommend to any small business looking for social media content support.”

James Hair – Director