Elevate Your Freelance Marketing Career – 12 Tips

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Strategy

My Journey from Freelancer to Agency Owner and How You Can Achieve Success Too

Do you want to elevate your freelance marketing career?

As a former freelance social media manager and content writer turned agency owner, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in the world of digital marketing. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting someone who was interested in my journey and wanted advice on progressing in their freelance marketing career. 

Here are 12 tips I gave them; hoping these insights will help you elevate your freelance marketing career.

1. Focus on Your Path

Don’t compare your journey to others; everyone’s path is unique. Concentrate on your growth and success.

2. Leverage Your Network to Elevate Your Freelance Marketing Career

Utilise your connections and network, even if it’s just asking someone for a coffee and a chat to hear their story can elevate your freelance marketing career.

You’ll be surprised at how much people want to help and support you!

3. Position Yourself as a Strategist

Be seen as a strategist or expert, not just someone who can ‘help.’ It will increase your credibility and allow you to charge accordingly.

I listened to an excellent Marketing Meetup Podcast featuring Eman Ismail talking about this subject – check it out here: Spotify.

4. Be Proactive to Elevate Your Freelance Marketing Career

Seek businesses where you can add value and show them what you can do. Send them some ideas: “I noticed you posting about X. Here is a better way to approach it that will give you Y”.

You never know where it might lead.

5. Stay Observant

Constantly look for ways to improve, identify opportunities, and consider how you would do things differently.

Look at ads, billboards, digital screens, LinkedIn posts – anything ‘marketing’.

What do you like about it? What would you do differently? How could you apply it to your business and clients?

You’ll be surprised at how much you see once you switch your brain on to it.

6. Write Concisely

Eliminate unnecessary words like ‘very,’ ‘really,’ and adverbs as much as possible.

Keep your writing clean and to the point.

Grammarly is a tool I use often and would recommend to help improve your writing.

7. Focus on Your Stuff you Enjoy

Find what you enjoy and concentrate on those areas, but be open to saying yes to new opportunities.

Be a problem solver.

I wanted to focus on delivering value through social media content creation and writing – IAD Marketing Services.

8. Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Elevate Your Freelance Marketing Career

Make the most of LinkedIn to expand your network, showcase your expertise, and find new opportunities.

Almost all of my business and progression has come from LinkedIn.

If you’re not confident posting content, start by liking and commenting on posts.

9. Learn from Other Creators

Set aside time every day to engage with and learn from creators that inspire you.

See the kinds of things that are resonating and aim to emulate but in your own style.

Some of my favourites include:

Sam Browne

Chris Do

Lea Turner

Justin Welsh

Luke Shalom

Lara Acosta

Geraldine Spurway

Michelle Raymond

10. Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

Enhance your LinkedIn profile with a good headline, about section, and experiences.


Social Media Strategist | Driving Brand Growth with Data-Driven Insights & Storytelling | Freelancer 🚀


As a social media strategist, I can empower your business with transformative content that delivers tangible results.


Together, we will unlock your business’s growth potential through social media.

Focus on the value you bring to your audience.

Here is my profile as an example.

11. Update Your LinkedIn Banner

Create a banner that clearly shows what you do and how you add value.

Here is a good example from Brian Gallagher:

Example of an optimised profile

Example of an optimised profile


12. Determine Your Rate

Establish a pricing structure that works for you, whether it’s hourly or project-based.

Aim to work with clients who value your expertise and are willing to pay your desired rate.

For me, I’ve found that retainers are my preferred way of working.

It means you know your income, and it helps the client budget too.

Conclusion to Elevate Your Freelance Marketing Career

Applying these 12 tips will help elevate your freelance marketing career and set you on the path to success. 

Remember, your journey is unique – stay focused on your growth, and success will follow.

If you want help or advice, please get in touch with me at dario@iadmarketing.co.uk