Becoming a Media Buying Specialist

by | May 26, 2024 | Media Buying

I had always imagined becoming a media buying specialist.

In December 2021, a question that would pivot my business trajectory was posed:

“Can you do media buying?” 

At that time, I had been freelancing for only seven months, focusing primarily on content creation for various clients. 

Though I had not yet solidified my business direction, my approach to new opportunities was guided by a belief that common sense could make most business endeavours successful.

My background as an Operations Manager equipped me with production scheduling skills.

And my print experience gave me insights into artwork and deadlines. 

These experiences and my opportunistic mindset led me to confidently respond, “Yes, I can do media buying!”

Embracing New Opportunities in Media Buying

For those familiar with the iconic series Mad Men, you’ll understand why one of my favourite Don Draper quotes resonates deeply with me: 

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.” 

This sentiment captured my feelings perfectly when I decided to leave traditional employment and embark on a freelance career. 

I was ready to start a new conversation by becoming a media buying specialist and adding advertising to my service offerings.

A Finnies ad in the P&J

A Finnies the Jeweller ad in the P&J from DC Thomson

The Client: Finnies the Jeweller

My first media-buying client was Finnies the Jeweller, a distinguished independent family business founded in Aberdeen in 1957. 

Finnies is renowned for its exquisite jewellery, international luxury mindset, and highly personalised service. 

Fast forward nearly 2.5 years, and our collaboration continues to thrive.

In my role, I reserve media space, ensure brand artwork is delivered on time, and manage supplier relationships. 

Additionally, I assist with writing press releases and brainstorming new media ideas. 

This partnership has opened doors to numerous new connections, including Gill Buyers from Trend, Caroline McAndrew from DC Thomson, Darrel Patterson from Highland News & Media, Jacqueline Kerr at Clear Channel, and Rhona Patterson from Lifestyle Magazine.

All key suppliers I regularly work with.

A Finnies the Jeweller ad in the P&J from DC Thomson

A Finnies the Jeweller ad in the P&J from DC Thomson

A Finnies the Jeweller outdoor ad from Clear Channel

Building a Strong Client Relationship

One of the rewarding aspects of freelancing is feeling like an integral part of your clients’ extended team while maintaining your professional identity. 

This was beautifully encapsulated in a testimonial from Matthew Finnie, a Director at Finnies:

“Dario took over our media buying in January 2022 and quickly became an important part of our team.”

“He helped create a cohesive advertising schedule, quickly understood our demands, and always sought new advertising opportunities.”

“His responsiveness and attention to detail are second to none, and we truly see Dario as an extension of our team at Finnies.”

A Finnies the Jeweller ad in Trend

The Impact of Media Buying on My Business

The experience with Finnies has undoubtedly been one of the proudest achievements of my business to date. 

It has expanded my media buying expertise and reinforced the value of building strong, collaborative client relationships. 

Through this journey, I’ve realised the importance of adapting and evolving my services to meet client needs.

Whether through LinkedIn content creation, marketing strategies, or advertising campaigns.

In conclusion, my journey from a freelance content creator to a media buying specialist for a prestigious client like Finnies the Jeweller illustrates the power of seizing opportunities and leveraging past experiences. 

As I continue to grow my business, I remain committed to providing exceptional service and being open to new opportunities.

A press release written for DC Thomson